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Our Mission

Provide Results, Not Excuses!

Our Vision

We want to become YOUR trusted go-to Digital Marketing partners by using our Expertise, Commitment & Honesty. We want to help you shift your Business to a NEW NORMAL.

About The New Normal

We are NOT a Large FULL SPECTRUM digital marketing agency . We are a focused Digital Ads Boutique focused on Facebook Ads + Google Ads + Amazon Ads & Listings. Based in India with small presence in USA & Canada, we have been helping small and medium businesses in Fashion & Electronic Gadgets domains get 5x to 15x results on their ad spend. Talk to me today, to know if we can help you and how!

We are nestled in the City Beatiful – Chandigarh! Drop by for a cup of coffee and some sandwiches (or paranthas!) on your way to Shimla (only 100KM from here) or Manali (about 300KM).

Our clients come from far & wide: Chennai, Kolkata, Bangaluru, Delhi, Patna, Mumbai, Toronto & Texas!


Gaurav Tandon has 15+ year career of successfully doing traditional sales and marketing for large and small brands since 2001. 

In 2016, he sensed the quick pace with which brands of all sizes were moving their marketing budget towards digital marketing. The reasons were clear: Consumers attention was moving to Digital and Digital was a more effective, measurable way to market than traditional marketing. 

Yet there were still many brands that were hesitant due to Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt – the FUD factor.

So he decided to apply his core marketing skills to the digital world and made a switch to digital. With a humble beginning New Normal Digital, a boutique digital marketing agency was launched and ever since he and his dedicated team of digital commandos have been working tirelessly to improve results for their clients.

The reason of naming it New Normal Digitals to help brands move from previously unfamiliar or atypical situation to the new standards of digital marketing.

You can contact him on +91-9586550304. Check out more about him: http://linkedin.com/in/gauravtandon

Our Team

We are a passionate bunch of seasoned “brick and mortar” corporate marketing pros turned into digital marketers, the people who understand business dynamics beyond marketing, their challenges and objectives. For us “digital” is not about applying latest flashy tools just for the sake of it.

We also have in our team, the younger creative blood which brings fresher ideas andask many “why not”questions. For them digital is new ‘watering holes’ where the millennials and Gen-Z gather and for whom Insta, Snapchat and Pinterest is their second nature.

Yet, together we make a formidable team focused on achieving business results for our clients. Finally, we believe that Art andScience of marketing drivesCommerce for your company!

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