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Gaurav is Hubspot& Google certified and has been presenting at various seminars, doing workshops and conducting online training for multiple brands.

Who do we help..?

So if you own a women’s fashion brand selling apparels, sarees, kurtis, dresses, jackets, tops, pants or jewellery or a brand focused on providing high quality electronic gadgets like  headphones, powerbanks, wireless speakers, etc and want to sell more through your ecommerce website /Amazon, with the help of Facebook / Instagram / Amazon PPC & Google ads, you have come to just the right place. 

We do ONLY social media / Amazon ads for ecommerce businesses that are in women’s fashion and electronic gadgets. However, we also optimize websites, do on-page SEO and run email marketing only when it complements online ads.

So if you have been getting low profitability from your online ads due to your ads not being run correctly, we help you reap immense benefits of Digital Marketing by doing it the right way. 

We cover your back at each step..

Everyday you run your business
operations, it’s your passion. You deal with vendors, customers, decide on which products to sell,
ensure their quality and pricing is right, deliveries are done timely and stocks
and cash is managed properly so you make a decent income from all this.

You want to increase your customer base and spread your wings wider across international borders.

So apart from your physical outlet(s) you sell online too. For that you’ve
got a decent website, or maybe not so decent one but it’s kind of okay. You engage with fans online and post regularly. You get good engagements and a tons of “Pp’s" 🙂 too. You also spend money on social media (read Facebook) ads. Not much though. Maybe also on Amazon ads too
if you are present there. You’ve got some results but they are inconsistent and below
your expectations. 

Your website developers tell you that they can run your
Social media ads. After all running Facebook ads should not be that difficult.
And why not let them do it as they should know advertising like they know
website development. Plus no finger-pointing if something goes wrong. Right?

Answer: NO! 

Digital marketing is Marketing first. Just because someone
knows Facebook Ads Manager does not ensure that they are good ‘marketers’ too who can give you
consistent profitable results.

We understand that your Brand conveys a PROMISE to your customers through the
digital assets like your website, Facebook page, Instagram profile, Amazon
listings and brand-store, emails campaigns and more.

You want to control the PERCEPTION of your Brand and
attract right customers for your offerings. For that, the messaging needs to be
clearly crafted and communicated correctly so it is understood and acted upon
as desired.

Only if properly and convincingly conveyed these signals
will convert your PROSPECT in to your valuable profitable CUSTOMERS & BRAND ADVOCATES. 

We at The New Normal, understand the nuances of advertising
platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Amazon and YouTube. We are certified
professionals with thousands of hours of experience. And we are marketers first. With focus and experience, we have
gathered huge strength in running ads on these platforms.

We help you stitch together a thought-through executable digital
involving right social platforms, online assets, integrated campaigns,
and data from analytics. We also keep in mind the unique strengths of your
products or services and your current digital readiness levels

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How we are different ..?

With us, what you get is a digital strategy which is executed in a step-by-step structured approach. Your product and services offerings are taken to your target audience in such a way so as to influence their decision making journeys in your favour. This approach drives results.

We are experts in running ads on 3 Key social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram & Youtube. Want to know how we get 10x ROAS for our clients on Facebook ads on a 1Lac monthly budget (USD 1.5K ) ? Get in touch today.

We are proven experts in running online ads on platforms like Amazon & Google Ads. Want to know how we get 6% ACOS for our clients on Amazon even on a 5Lac monthly budget (USD 7K ) ? Get in touch today.

We provide timely and accurate reporting with dashboards to help you monitor results and see the bang for your buck.

We are a small focused team so we don’t do everything under the sun for everyone. We are highly focused on Facebook/Insta ads and Amazon PPC + Listing Optimization.

Our Services

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Digital Marketing Strategy

We create solutions that are bold and forward-looking.

apitalize on low hanging fruit to identify a ballpark value added activity to beta test. Override the digital divide with additional clickthroughs from DevOps.

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